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My experience working at Vedge Restaurant

In 2014 I reached out to Chef Richard Landau of Vedge in Philadelphia, PA.  I was hoping to  apprentice under him and instead he offered me a job that I could not pass up.  I sold my car, found new renters for my apartment, packed up all my things and my boyfriend and I headed out to the unknown of Philadelphia. My new job would be to work the line 50+ hours a week/5 days a week.  I didn’t have much experience on a line, but I knew I would have to put in some time to gain as much knowledge from this 5 star restaurant as possible.

Before I even reached out to Richard Landau I first saw him on Food Networks, Chopped.  There was a plant- based episode and he ended up winning it!  My mother told me, “Cait, you are going to learn from this guy, I know it.” She said this almost 2 years ago and look where I am now. This just goes to show that if you put yourself out there and strive for what you want….it’s bound to happen.  Since I have been there we were voted the #1 restaurant in Philadelphia by Zagat.  I plate 6 desserts and over 7 dinner items per night for over 170 people plus 3 hours of prep before service.  Its the most challenging job I have ever endured and very high pressured10847977_914369558588401_1881436696482296446_n 10409068_898984090126948_1520069003647273778_n 10710571_882267845131906_3070729937552744294_n 10393682_912290395462984_7456123487627093341_n but all things are temporary and I will stick it out as long as I possibly can!