As a personal plant based chef, Caitlin’s true passion and love has always been food, nothing makes her more happy than to feed people. A vegetarian since 2002  and  vegan for the past 2 years, Caitlin believes eating an organic, plant-based diet is the key to health and a fulfilling life. She has always been fascinated with experimenting with foods and their flavors. She is constantly coming up with new recipes and sharing them with her family and friends.  Caitlin’s love for food doesn’t stop there, she is also an organic gardener and believes that it is important for a chef to know where and how food gets to the plate.  “So much love and good energy goes into the food I make, especially when I know I grew and cared for the food myself.”-Caitlin Boyer

Previously, she was chef and caterer at City Provisions in Chicago, Two Mothers Foods in Naperville, and Soup to Nuts in Geneva   In addition to being skilled in the art of cooking she is an active animal rights activist, enjoys playing music, traveling and has her own part-time sewing business called Sustainable Creations where she uses 100% recycled materials . Caitlin would be  thrilled to share her true love of conscious plant based cooking with you and your loved ones.