First Time Clients

Since you are a first time client of mine, I am happy to give you this special “first time offer” so you have a chance to try some of my food and get a feel for how my services work.  Its quite easy and very affordable!  Here is how it works:

Contact me directly and we will go over any restrictions/food allergies you may have. Then, we will set up a day and time for me to come to your home and cook.

For $150 I will prepare you two of the entrees (of your choice) listed below.  I make great big portion sizes so you will get about 6-8+ servings per entree!  Thats a great deal that comes to about $10 or less per serving!

Heres what is included in your first time offer:

  • Grocery shopping  + ingredient cost
  • Meal prep
  • Kitchen clean up
  • Printed menu and colored coded labels on your meals making it easy to heat and eat at your convenience! 

Choose from any 2 entrees below (meals can easily be made gluten-free/soy-free)

1. Hot Pot Pie casserole with layers of potato, carrot, green peas, white beans, and crispy veggie burger cooked in a deliciously creamy veggie broth based sauce (freezes well)

2. Sweet potato mac and cheese with steamed broccoli, green peas & charred onion + tofu nuggets

3. Shepard’s pie with mixed vegetables, lentils, herbs, homemade gravy, crispy buttered potatoes and a side of green beans. (freezes well)

4. Saag with mixed greens, basmati rice, crunchy tofu, roasted cauliflower, and green peas.

5. Tostadas with seasoned refried beans, jackfruit carnitas, fajita peppers and onion, cabbage slaw, chipotle aioli, and 2 fresh avocado on the side


Get in touch with me today to get started!!

**Price is subject to change based on your location/preferences