“5/5 stars! Having spent time with Caitlin in the kitchen at Vedge I can vouch for her skills first hand. She has a passion for vegan cooking that is rare to find. A great asset to the Chicago vegan food scene. -Chef Rich Landau of Vedge Restaurant

“So impressed with Caitlin! She knows so much about the importance of eating healthy and how to make it possible in your day to day life. Adopting a plant based diet for many people sounds impossible, but not only will Caitlin teach you how to do it, but how to enjoy it! She will show you how great healthy food can taste and how many options you actually have! I think anyone who works with Caitlin will find that eating healthy has never felt so simple and tasted so great.” -Dr. Alex P

“Miss Boyer’s cooking is a great way to ENJOY eating healthy. Her recipes combine a wide variety of vegetables and seasonings that give each dish its own personality that will leave your belly happy and satisfied. Unlike most food pre-made or store bought her cooking never leaves you feeling bogged down or tired but rather replenished and re energized”-John Guzaldo,  Naperville, IL


“I have had the pleasure of having Caitlin as a primary Chef at Two Mothers Foods since 2011. Her passionate creativity with all things sustainable and natural has brought so much joy to the Two Mothers kitchen. She is innately skilled at mixing flavors and textures in her cooking as well as knowledgable of their nutritional benefits. We cook mostly vegan food at our cafe and Caitlin most certainly knows how to create dishes and menus that are one of a kind, delicious (I could live off her beet,apple salad!) and truly give your body the nourishment it needs. Not only is she a skilled chef but her sunny attitude will brighten anyone’s day!”- Chef Christy Kabbani, owner of Two Mothers Foods, Naperville, IL


“Whether it be a soup or salad, spread or entree, Chef Caitlin Boyer’s dishes delight your taste buds with layers of flavor. You have to experience it to understand. Her food is savory, delicious and nutritious, without the reliance on sodium that is prevalent with prepackaged/processed foods. I urge you to try her cooking. In the end, you not only will be full, but you will feel great about what youare eating.” – Harry Hitzeman, St. Charles, IL


“Being a senior citizen considered set in my ways of eating and cooking, an introduction to a new style of eating was a real eye opener.  What a delight Chef Caitlin Boyer is, a true expert in her field.  She introduced me to new ways of  looking at food and liking it.  The salads and soups she has prepared are full of wonderful flavors and offer many nutritional benefits.  I am still a meat and dairy eater, but have incorporated many new healthy items into my diet.  I am feeling more energized and have a sense of doing something beneficial for my health.  Thanks Caitlin, you are such a delightful positive person and an extremely knowledgeable and creative Chef.”- Anne O’Hare, Barrington, IL
“I had the privilege of working with Chef Boyer in 2009, she had always shown concern towards my health and tried to get me to eat better. I never paid attention to this until just recently and I am starting to see results in my physical and mental health, I am feeling much better. If it wasn’t for Chef  Boyer persuading me to get healthy, I wouldn’t have lost all this weight or have all this confidence and energy that I have now, and I am truly thankful for that. Chef  Boyer, your the best and thank you for being a great friend!!”-Brandon Baglayan, Elgin, I